Active Shooter Preparedness Summit


September 7, 2024
St. Marys Memorial High School

This FREE summit aims to foster a collaborative approach to enhancing safety and preparedness in our communities by providing critical training, expert insights, and practical resources.

Event Sponsors

Swartz University

Swartz Restoration & Emergency Services

Auglaize County Fire Chiefs

Featured Speakers

• Renowned security experts and consultants.
• Experienced law enforcement officials and first responders.
• Psychologists specializing in trauma and crisis management.
• Representatives from successful crisis management programs.

Who Should Attend

• Law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel.
• School administrators, teachers, and staff.
• Business owners, managers, and security personnel.
• City officials and community leaders.
• Mental health professionals and crisis counselors.


The “Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Summit” is an essential event for anyone involved in the safety and security of our communities.

By bringing together diverse stakeholders, this summit aims to build a cohesive and informed network capable of effectively mitigating the risks and impacts of active shooter events.

Attendees will leave with actionable insights, practical skills, and strengthened partnerships to better protect their organizations and communities.



The “Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Summit” is a comprehensive event designed to equip first responders, business professionals, city leaders, and school staff with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively plan for, respond to, and recover from active shooter situations.

This summit aims to foster a collaborative  approach to enhancing safety and preparedness in our communities by providing critical training, expert insights, and practical resources.

Event Objectives


Provide attendees with a deep understanding of the dynamics of active shooter events, including the psychological, social, and operational aspects.


Offer strategic guidance on developing robust prevention and preparedness plans tailored to specific environments such as schools, businesses, and public spaces.


Train participants on the latest response protocols and operational tactics for effectively managing active shooter situations to minimize harm and save lives.


Discuss strategies for recovery and support after an incident, including crisis communication, mental health support, and community resilience building.



• Analysis of recent active shooter incidents.
• Behavioral indicators and early warning signs.
• Psychological impact on victims and responders.


• Risk assessment and vulnerability analysis.
• Designing and implementing emergency action plans.
• Physical security measures and technology integration.
• Training and drills for staff and students.


• Immediate actions and prioritization during an active shooter event.
• Coordination between law enforcement, EMS, and fire services.
• Tactical response strategies and incident command systems.
• Case studies of effective responses to past incidents.


• Effective communication strategies before, during, and after an event.
• Engaging with media and managing public information.
• Supporting affected families and the broader community.


• Mental health resources for victims, responders, and the community.
• Restoring normalcy and rebuilding trust.
• Long-term recovery planning and support services.


Meri Skilliter

Meri Skilliter is a retired educator (teacher, principal, superintendent), a volunteer EMT-Advanced in the Village of Bluffton (34 years), an EMT instructor and instructor-trainer, an RA (registered applicant), looking forward to completing the process to become a preventionist, a practitioner and instructor of Critical Incident Stress Management through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), and has served as the Northwest Lead for the School Based Center of Excellence in the Northwest Region of Ohio, having joined the SBCOE three years ago.

She has been trained to work with schools on school staff wellness activities and planning.

Meri and her husband, Rick, with their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Pet Partners certified therapy dog, travel frequently throughout Ohio, teaching ICISF courses for a variety of audiences.

The Skilliters have three grown sons (one a police officer, one EMS trained), three strong daughters-in-law, three grandchildren (Callum, almost 4; Lena, 3; and
Booker, 8 months), and 3 rescue dogs.

Rick and Meri have been married for 34 years.

One of their Whys is their passion to see healthy first responders.

Steven M Click

Director, Ohio Office of First Responder Wellness

Steven M. Click serves as the Director of First Responder Wellness for the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Law Enforcement Initiatives.

Prior to his current position, he served as the First Responder Liaison for Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services.

Steve is a retired lieutenant from the Ohio State Highway Patrol where he served for 36 years, completing his career assigned to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Office of Personnel / Ohio ASSIST program.

Steve has been involved in peer support since 1992 and oversaw the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Member’s Assistance Team (MAT) from its inception in 2002 and previously served as the Operational Commander.

In 1992, he received the Ohio Distinguished Law Enforcement Valor Award, the highest award for valor in Ohio.

He and his wife Lori live in Grove City, Ohio.

Lieutenant Harris

Lieutenant Harris has been employed with the Ohio State Highway Patrol for over 26 years.

She is currently the commander of the Employee Wellness Section within the Office of Personnel.

Lieutenant Harris facilitates the Ohio ASSIST Post Critical Incident Seminars (PCIS), commands the agency’s Member’s Assistance Team (MAT), serves as the Patrol’s statewide coordinator for the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and wellness program, and develops and instructs employee relations training.

She has been instructing first responders and civilian employees since 2005.

Lieutenant Harris specializes in teaching communication, mental health/self-care, CIT, trauma informed care, and human relations courses.

Lieutenant Harris obtained a teaching certificate through the Ohio Police Officer Training Committee and has taught for several basic police officer schools within the state throughout her career.

She has completed countless trainings on mental wellness and works with trained mental health providers to design education pieces to reduce stigma surrounding mental health conditions.

Lieutenant Harris was recognized by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators for her work on a mental health and wellness website for her agency. She has been certified to teach CPT courses for law enforcement agencies across the state as well as within the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Lieutenant Harris has worked closely with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy to provide training and to promote understanding of mental wellness, post-incident stress, and crisis intervention and communication.

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