Water Main Shut-Off

What do you need to do when a pipe is leaking water into your home?

When water is leaking into your home from a broken water line, the first important step is to TURN OFF YOUR WATER!


How do you turn off your water line?

1. Locate your Main Water Line.

The Main Water Line is where the water comes into your home.

If you have municipal water, you will look for the main water line where it comes into your home.
If you have well water, you will look for the well pump inside your home.

Begin your search in a laundry room or in the same room your water heater is in.
It’s often near both of those appliances.

2. Turn the valve off.

It’s usually a half-turn or a quarter-turn valve.

Usually, the water stops leaking from the broken pipe immediately.

Sometimes pressure has built up in the pipes, and water will continue to flow until the pressure is gone.
Yet because you turned off the main water valve, no new water will flow out of the pipe.


Now what?

Call Swartz Restoration so we can help you Dryout, Cleanup and Rebuild any water damage.



I don’t have water damage yet. What can I do now?

Request a free tag to mark your Water Main Shut-Off Valve.


How do I get a free tag?

That’s simple! Just ask!

When you mark your Main Water Shut-Off Valve, you will be able to identify it quickly in the case of an emergency.



Request a FREE Tag!

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