maintenance in your bathroom

Preventive Maintenance in Your Bathroom

Author: CCG Dev May 31, 2016

Preventive maintenance from water damage in your bathroom should be made a priority. Not only will taking preventative maintenance steps make your life easier, but it could help you to avoid nasty cleanup, potentially expensive bills and save your health in the long run. In order to prevent water damage from occurring in your bathroom, here is a list of preventive maintenance checkpoints for your bathroom:


  • Check the water line going to the toilet for any damage.
  • Inspect the water tank for any signs of cracks. Additionally, if you hear the water in the tank run periodically then it’s probably time to change your flapper. An easy way to test this is to put food coloring in the tank of your toilet, wait 15-20 minutes and if you see the dye in the bowl of your toilet then definitely time to replace that flapper!
  • Finally, examine the seal at the bottom of the toilet for leaks.

Tub and Shower

  • Inspect the tiles in and around your tub or shower for any cracks and missing grout. If tiles or grout is damaged, water can seep behind the tiles and damage the wall behind it. So it’s important to make those repairs to prevent water damage and mold growth.
  • Check the caulking around your tub or shower.


  • Check the faucet for any dripping or leaks and make necessary repairs.
  • Look below for any moisture or standing water. Check the trap and be sure that it is clean it out regularly.
  • Repair any damaged tiles, missing grout and caulking.

Shut down your water for vacations.
Finally, if you’re leaving for an extended period of time be sure to shut off your water, if not to the whole house, it should at least be shut off to the bathrooms. Shutting off your water line can be the most important precautionary step towards avoiding a flood and water damage. Doing this allows the pipes and plumbing to shut off from the main water line. This step can prevent floods and standing water from occurring in your home over the length of your vacation. It can save you money if there is a leak that has not been discovered yet.

The longer you wait to address the potentially problematic areas in your bathroom could end up costing you a lot of time, inconvenience, and money in the long run. Give your home the treatment it deserves by checking your bathroom for plumbing for issues and addressing any issues that you may find.

As always, if you experience water damage anywhere in your home or business, Swartz Contracting & Emergency Services is here to help you through your restoration needs.