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4 Tips To Prevent Water Damage

Author: Paige Huffman March 25, 2019

Water damage can happen at any time and is something we don’t think about preparing for. There are many causes of water damage such as sump pump failure, burst pipe, roof/foundation leaks, etc. We tend to not think about it until it happens. By that time, it’s too late and you have a mess on your hands.

We don’t want that to happen to you. That is why we put together some tips to help prevent water damage to your property during this rainy season.

Clean out your gutters and downspout

Cleaning out your gutters and downspout will allow the rainwater to flow away from your house. If they are clogged with debris, it could cause the water to overflow and seep into your home. Also, excess weight from the water and debris could cause damage to your gutters.

Seal exterior cracks

Human nature is if we don’t see it, there isn’t a problem. Exterior cracks can be small but can cause damage to your home. Those small cracks allow water to seep in. This can cause a big issue. If you don’t seal the crack(s), water can continue to seep in and cause moisture damage and sometimes mold if there is no proper ventilation for the water to dry out. Sealing the small crack(s) could end up saving you big bucks in the future.

Test/Service your sump pump

Sump pump failure is the main cause of water damage. Sometimes we take for granted that our sump pump is always going to work. That isn’t the case every time. Testing your sump pump every 6 months can help prevent water damage. According to Reddi Plumbing, there are two ways to test if your sump pump is working or not. You can test your sump pump by unplugging it and plugging it back in after 5 minutes. Or you can pour water into the sump pump to see if will pump out the water. If you notice that it isn’t making noise or pumping out the water, call your local plumbing company to come out and service your sump pump. Also, having a backup sump pump battery can help you out if your power goes out.

Check your roof

Inspecting your roof for loose shingles or leaks can help you out in the future. By knowing the problem sooner, you can get it repaired before it could end up costing you more in the future. It is better to spend the money now on the repairs than having to pay more for it in the future when it becomes a problem.

If you do experience water damage during this rainy season, give us a call at (419) 331-1024. Our team of experts is available 24/7/365. We work with you and your insurance to get your home or business back to the way it was before the damage occurred. We can extract, dry out the moisture and repair the damages the water has caused. All you have to do is give us a call.