appliances that cause water damage

Appliances That Can Cause the Most Water Damage

Author: CCG Dev June 16, 2016

One of the major causes of water damage to a home is a result of malfunctioning appliances. The damage appliances can bring to a household or business can happen suddenly and the resulting damage can be vast. Our recommendation is to take the time to regularly check anything that has a water source running to it; however, there are four appliances that you should pay particular notice of. Here is our list of appliances you should keep an eye on and regularly check for potential damage or leaks which could result in major water damage:


Your freezer can give you grief in a number of ways. You will want to ensure that your freezer door properly closes and seals to prevent a buildup of condensation. The condensation that does accumulate (even from opening and closing the door) will drain at the bottom of your freezer. If this drain becomes clogged or freezes over, this could create an accumulation of water and ice that could cause issues. If your freezer has developed a large amount of ice, it should be thawed and the drain should be cleaned out.

Another point of concern with refrigerators are the automatic ice maker machines. The hose or waterline could easily become damaged or disconnected. Inspect the line for any damage and that the lines are all connected as they should be.


A malfunctioning dishwasher can quickly result in gallons upon gallons of water in your kitchen. More than likely, your dishwasher problem is user error due to too much detergent being used. When it’s not user error related, faulty float switch, clogged drain or bad hardware and fixtures such as tubing and clamps is the colporate for dishwasher issues.

Washing Machine

Similarly to problems with a dishwasher, the use of too much detergent is typically the leading cause to water damage. Other  areas to regularly examine on a washing machine are fixtures, clamps, door seals and water hoses. Check water hoses for any cracks or wear and tear that looks problematic. We highly recommend replacing any rubber or plastic tubing with steel braided water hoses to ensure longevity and safety. In addition to inspecting your washing machine, you also want to check your floor drain for any debris or clogs.

Hot Water Heater

Water heater issues and leaks can easily go unnoticed; mainly because of their placement in basements or spaces that don’t get a lot of walk through traffic. Water heater issues are usually a result of a malfunctioning temperature and pressure relief valve, bad plumbing connection or the water tank has deteriorated. Having your water heater inspected yearly by a certified plumber will help avoid potential issues and could save you big bucks.

The appliances that give you the most convenience in your day to day can also cause you the most inconvenience if not properly looked after and maintained. The major takeaways here are to: check hoses and drains regularly.
If you experience water damage from a malfunctioning appliance, it’s important to call in the professionals ASAP to help control and eliminate the water damage from turning into a bigger mess than it needs to. Swartz Contracting in Lima, Ohio is here for you, every step of the way. We are your 24/7 restoration service and can be reached at (800) 462-1024!