Author: Chris Massie March 27, 2024

Take a look at these three sets of pictures. They were each started by the same machine, a Dehumidifier.

The machine designed to remove excess moisture from the air in a basement, malfunctioned and caused a fire that burned these two homes and a church.

The residents of this home in Ada discovered the fire pretty quickly. The fire damage was mostly contained in the basement, but the smoke damage spread throughout the rest of the house.

We were able to restore the home.

Dehumidi-fires  Dehumidi-fires

Dehumidi-fires  Dehumidi-fires

This home in Lima has a similar story. The fire damage was mostly contained to the basement, with smoke damage affecting much of the rest of the home.

Like most fire damage restorations, the home was spray-sealed to eliminate all of the smoke odor before the restoration was complete.

Dehumidi-fires  Dehumidi-fires

Dehumidi-fires  Dehumidi-fires

This church in Leipsic was a bit different. The fire damage started in the basement and spread to the main level.

Smoke damage affected the vaulted ceiling in the sanctuary. You can see the sticky black smoke damage in the restroom.

This project was quite large and took longer than most of our projects. When it was finished, there was no smoke odor, and nearly everything had been updated.

Dehumidi-fires  Dehumidi-fires

Dehumidi-fires  Dehumidi-fires

Dehumidi-fires   Dehumidi-fires

These three fire restoration projects were all started by a dehumidifier that malfunctioned. It’s actually very common for that to happen.

Be sure to keep your dehumidifier clean, and ensure it is operating properly.

Some manufacturers have recalled their dehumidifiers, realizing that their proper, safe function was at risk.

To get the list of recalled dehumidifiers, click here.

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