Educating the Customer

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

Educating customers about the needs they may face should be a key goal of all insurance companies. When it comes to insurance, sometimes potential customers or previous policy holders are unaware of certain insurance that is available to them or that may be needed in the future.

In the disaster restoration business, being prepared enables us to help customers in a timely and uniform way. Here at Swartz, we are able to respond quickly, and bring stability back into the life of the homeowner or business owner.

One key that saves our customers time and money, is when they are already educated in what to do when a disaster strikes. If the customer knows what to do when a disaster strikes, they can save themselves some headaches in the future.

It is the same with being educated about insurance. Educating potential insurance customers or previous policy holders about the needs they may face should be key for all insurance companies.

According to, disaster insurance is defined as, “A monetary agreement between an insurance company and an individual, entitling the individual to compensation for losses incurred during disasters.” Some examples of disaster insurance policies are earthquake and tsunami insurance. A disaster is unexpected, but when people are educated about the types of insurance they need, it helps both the insurer and the insured recover from a disaster.