Fall Clean-up: Grab a Rake!

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

Fallen leaves of autumn can create a big task in your yard and garden (and gutters!).  To avoid having a yard covered in wet leaves in the spring, you will want to rake, blow, mulch, or bag up those leaves.  Here are some tips to get organized and get this fall task off of your checklist.  Just be sure to wait until all or almost all leaves have fallen so you don’t have to do this multiple times.

Collect leaves by mowing them using the bag attachment then spread the shredded leaves at the base of any trees or shrubs.

Be sure to prepare for this task by stretching your arms and back.  Pace yourself while raking and limit the amount of time you spend unless you are in optimum physical condition.  Start from outer corners or outer perimeter of yard, working your way inward making several piles of leaves in the yard.  If bagging, have another person hold the bag open for you while you put the leaves in the bag.

No matter how you decide to clean up your yard, do so carefully and enjoy this cool and colorful season!

-Paul Swartz