Getting through the Smoke: Scents of Fire Damage

Author: Chris Massie February 16, 2024

Scents of Fire Damage

The smells of fire damage can be very distinct. Scents of Fire Damage
Damage to a home or building after a fire is a result of multiple factors.
The flames literally char parts of the structure, beginning on the floor or around an outlet, maybe climbing up a wall or spreading to a door, or even reaching the ceiling.

Objects in the path of the flames are melted and burned, sometimes no longer recognizable.

Yet this is just one scent of fire damage.

Another scent of fire damage is caused by the smoke as those items are devoured by the flames.

This smoke differs from the smoke in a grill, in which the chef is cooking a masterpiece of flavor by utilizing the smoke from burning wood.
A fire in a building is much different, because of the materials those flames consume. The smoke released is full of chemicals and toxins as those objects burn, which releases a black cloud all over the house.

That thick, black smoke leaves behind a sticky tar as it touches each surface.
Walls and doors and ventilation systems are coated with that sticky black tar, which causes the smell of smoke to linger for days and weeks after the fire has been extinguished.

Smells and Memory

Scents of Fire Damage

Those smells are difficult to forget.
There are scientific studies that show a strong connection between our sense of smell and our memory.

Maybe for you, when you smell a baking pie around the holidays, it reminds you of your grandmother’s house.
The scent takes you back in time!

The same will be true when you smell something burned and charred.
You will have an instant flashback to the day of and days after your own fire.

Sometimes the emotions of the experience come flooding back with it, almost forcing you to relive it all over again.

How Can We Help?

At Swartz Restoration, we understand the physical impact the scents of fire damage have on the home and on the individuals involved.
Yes, there is physical damage to the home or building, but there is also emotional damage to the owners.
It’s a very real damage, even though not always seen on the surface.

Because our team understands both types of damage caused by the smells of fire damage, we utilize multiple tools and techniques to remove those smells from your home…forever.

That’s right! We have a No Smoke Odor Guarantee that we stand behind.

Removing the Smells of Fire Damage

Scents of Fire Damage

For the most part, the easiest way to remove the scent of fire and smoke damage is to remove those items from the building.
Our team cleans out all of the items damaged by the fire, and we dispose of them appropriately.

For smaller fires, in which there is no structural damage to the building, we utilize an Air Scrubber machine, which cleans the air in the building.

After just a few days or even hours, there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the air, and we test the air quality to prove it.

For the fires in which there is structural damage to the building, we do more than clean the air.
If possible, we clean the walls and items that hold the scent, so as to create a fresh start.

If that is not effective, we remove the elements of the structure that have been damaged.
That could be walls, doors, flooring, and fixtures.
It could also be the entire ventilation system, which is difficult to clean.

Once the appropriate areas have been stripped down to the studs, we spray a special seal over the remaining structure to remove and hide the smell of smoke and fire damage for good.

Fresh New Smells

Once we have removed the smell of fire damage, it’s like a clean slate for a fresh start to rebuilding your home.
We will help you create a new space that will be a place for many new memories to be created in the future.

You can create those scented memories for your kids and grandkids.
That way every time they smell a baked apple pie, they think of your home.

What smells would you create in your new home?

Swartz Can Help

If you, or someone you know, experiences a fire in their home or business, give us a call at Swartz Restoration at 419-331-1024.

We will help them Cleanup and Rebuild after fire damage.

There is new life to be lived on the other side of fire damage.