Got Water Damage?

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

Busted pipes, overflowing toilets, roof leaks, sewer back-ups, and flooded basements are always unexpected.  Water damage requires a certified expert with the knowledge, equipment, and experience to properly assess all damage and complete the clean-up process.  With hundreds of water restoration projects completed, Swartz Contracting is the best solution to get your home or your business back to its original condition.

Did you know mold has the ability to start growing after only 48 hours?  Do not hesitate to call Swartz Contracting to start drying your home or business.  Clearing all water and drying the area is the first step in the water restoration process.  Water will be extracted from carpets, and walls and structure cavities will be tested for moisture.  Then de-humidification equipment will be set to help prevent unnecessary tear-out, saving the property owner money.  The moisture levels will be continuously recorded and monitored through the process before a final bill is presented.

A detailed estimate will be provided for you and your insurance representative when our estimator assesses the damage.  Our production supervisors make sure the project is done with dedication and quality from start to finish.  Structural repairs may be needed if there is extensive damage, and we can help with such projects making us your one-stop shop when disaster strikes.  Swartz Contracting also offers structure cleaning as your full service restoration specialist.

Swartz Contracting’s number one goal is to rebuild your dreams and restore your confidence.  We understand the severity of your situation, and want to minimize your time away from your home or business.  If you experience any level of water damage, call Swartz Contracting, your water restoration specialists!