Great gift ideas for home repair

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

Anyone who has had to buy a gift for a handyman, or woman, knows it can be difficult. First of all, they’ve already got a garage full of tools. Second, you might not know the first thing about home repair yourself.

It’s certainly not as easy as going into a tool store, grabbing a wrench and putting a bow on it. Unless, of course, you’re a gift card-kinda person.

But if this is the year you want to find that great home repair gift, Swartz Contracting is here to help with tips and suggestions to get you started.

Start with the person

Let’s start at the top: What brand does he or she like? Craftsman, Bosch, Dewalt? Handy people tend to stick to one brand of tools for a reason, they trust it. What about voltage and wattage? What don’t they have that they need, or need to replace?

Are there any projects they want to do this year?

Attack these initial questions right away. Also, take a look at what they’ve already got to get an idea of what brands and wattage they prefer.

If you want to get a jump on things, have them make a wish list in the summer or fall so you can plan ahead. Maybe you can start a Pintrest board of gift ideas and pin different handyman items you can ask them about. This is going to payoff great not just for Christmas, but for birthdays and Father’s or Mother’s day.

If none of these work, take a chance and see what’s old or broken and find a replacement.

Need ideas?

Let’s say you’ve tried to get a specific idea and haven’t gotten much help. Well, here’s some ideas that you can’t go wrong with.

— Multi-use tool: You really can’t go wrong with a Leathermen or Swiss Army knife. Not only are they great for emergency repair, but they are also very durable. It’s a great tool for everyone from the ultra-handyman to the guy or girl who just wants a tool for all occasions.

— Work gloves: A good pair of work gloves is so important, and a new pair is never a bad idea. Make sure you find a good pair of durable, comfortable and well-fitting gloves.

— Stud finders/laser levels: These are pretty simple to pick out and they’re a big help on a regular basis with construction projects and mounting.

— Tool belts: There are many different types of tool belts, everything from generic types to belts for specific jobs. Find out what your handyman will use it for, then find a good durable one he or she can use for the long haul.

Cordless tool kits: This is a great tool for any handyman. These versatile kits come in different styles and voltages of batteries with different accessories and interchangeable batteries. Just check the warranties and return policies before you buy.


Just want something small? Here’s some great ideas that aren’t too expensive but most handymen and women can always use: Pocket-sized levels, mini screwdrivers, batteries, carpenter pencils, soap/hand sanitizer, hammers, flashlights and spare keys.

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