snow build up on roof

How Snow Can Damage Your Property

Author: Paige Huffman February 26, 2019

Winter can be a fun time. It’s a time to go out and play in the snow, build snowmen, and drink hot chocolate. Although snow can be fun to play in, it can cause damage to your home or building.

Overload of Snow

As snow builds up on your roof, it can cause your roof to sag and even collapse. Depending on the amount of snow can cause extra weight to be placed. The best thing you can do is remove as much snow from the roof as possible. Don’t wait until it gets warmer for it to melt. The longer you wait, the worse the damage could be.

Blocked Exhaust Vent

We all know that Ohio is a windy state. Combine the wind with the snow and we tend to get big snow drifts. If a snowdrift does occur, make sure the snow doesn’t block your dryer exhaust vent. The dryer exhaust vent spits out carbon monoxide. If snow is blocking that vent, the CO2 can build up in your house. CO2 is a poisonous gas. By moving the snow away from the vent, you are preventing a build-up of CO2.

Melting Snow

As the temperatures start to rise, the snow starts to melt. Melting snow can cause water damage to your home. It can soak in through foundation cracks, windows and doors that are sealed improperly. To prevent water damage from melting snow: fill cracks in your foundation, replace the seals on your windows or doors if water is getting through. Don’t ignore the issue, get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer the issue goes unfixed, the more damage occurs.


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