Priority Response Emergency Program (PREP)

Learn why you need PREP

Author: swartzcontracting August 28, 2017

One of the best feelings in the world is peace of mind, knowing that everything is protected and safe in case the worst happens. Our Priority Response Emergency Program (PREP) is designed to give you that peace of mind, so if disaster strikes, your business has a plan is in place to minimize the effects of a catastrophe. Learn why you need PREP!

What is PREP?

First, remember that all schools, businesses, government offices, and apartment complexes should already have some kind of disaster preparedness program in place. While those are designed with safety in mind, PREP goes a step further to act as an extension of those plans. In short, while emergency disaster plans are geared toward the immediate safety of everyone in your building, PREP is designed to protect your property by having a quick point of reference for all critical systems.

How do you get a PREP plan?

Developing PREP starts with our team member, Blake Bartels, visiting your place of business and finding out where things such as your water pipes and valves, gas lines, electrical box, and sprinkler systems are located within the building. He’ll research all of the minute details that could affect your business in the event of a disaster, and he’ll take pictures and video of all of the areas being documented.

PREP Plan Map

What is the cost of this service?

Zero. When Blake visits your facility, he does it without any charge to you or the business. We just want to be the emergency services company that you call if a disaster ever does affect your business.

What is provided?

Once everything is mapped out, Blake will create your company’s personalized PREP plan. We’ll present our analysis to you in two ways. First, you’ll receive a physical copy in a binder with maps such as the one to your right. Second, you’ll receive a digital copy in our cloud-based system called Property Vault One. This cloud backup allows easy access to your PREP plan in the event that the physical copy is lost or even inaccessible due to the nature of the disaster you’re facing.

Why is this important?

PREP is designed to minimize the additional losses that can result from a disaster scenario. For example, if you were an apartment complex owner forced to evacuate your tenants due to a threat to their safety, there may be unexpected damage that can result from whatever caused the initial evacuation. Perhaps an overhead pipe breaks during the event causing a surge of water to flow into an apartment. While insurance can cover the monetary value of the loss, some things such as photos, mementos, and even computer data are irreplaceable.

But with a PREP plan, you would already know where the shut-off valves are located. Preventing the loss of those valuables is an easier task because everything is already mapped out for you in advance.

How do we get started?

You can schedule a time with Blake to create your own PREP plan. Call us today, 800-462-1024, send us an email or fill out our short contact form. We’re excited to help you develop your company’s PREP plan!