Storm Damage: Who are you gonna call?

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

We’ve seen our fair share of wind damage this summer, and luckily we live in Ohio and weren’t affected by hurricane Isaac and its massive flood damage.  Storms come fast and can leave paths of destruction, whether it is rain, wind, lightning, or hail.  You’re never sure of the extent of damage until it’s inspected by a professional.

Did you know Swartz Contracting can complete storm damage projects from start to finish?  We also work with your insurance so you don’t have to!  So rather than calling three different companies to complete your project, keep our phone number handy!  We’ll get you back to normal as quickly as possible if disaster strikes your home or business.  419-331-1024

As always, we’re here to rebuild your dreams and restore your confidence!


-Paul Swartz