Supporting Charities and the Community

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

Many of us try to think of ways to give back or offer a little here or there when we are able, especially around the holidays.  We support our community and the many charities and organizations serving the people in our community in different ways.  This is why we find it so important to support these local organizations.  Swartz Contracting supported the following in 2011:

Allen County Firefighters Association

National Fire Safety Council

West Ohio Food Bank

Dominion Energy Share



Christopher Warthem Fund

YMCA/Glen Webb Memorial Fund

Teens for Christ

The Arc

Lima Rotary

Each person and/or business can make a great impact on their community or those in need through donations to a charity or organization.  Donations of money, time, or particular items such as food and clothing are what keep charities going.  We appreciate the support our community has given to us as a business, and we thank you for doing your part in supporting a charity or cause of your choice!