The Forgotten Smoke Alarm

The Forgotten Smoke Alarm

Author: Chris Massie November 18, 2022

For many of us, we forget the smoke alarms are even in our home, until the alarm goes off!

With so many activities on our schedules, we can lose track of how long the peas have been cooking on the stove. The loud beeping of the smoke alarm in the kitchen interrupts our distracted attention, as we see the smoke rolling out of the pans of peas. The green peas are no longer green; they’re black!


Or maybe we have gone months successfully cooking each meal, yet we find ourselves awakened in the middle of the night by the loud chirp from the hallway smoke alarm.
It’s reminding us to change the battery.

Smoke alarms need to be ready for the emergency, because we don’t plan when the emergencies happen! If you did, you get charged for arson!


Here’s a Smoke Alarm Safety Tip:

Set a reminder in your calendar to check all of your smoke alarms every month.

**Some smoke alarms do not have the built-in feature to alert you to a low battery.


For more tips, download this Smoke Alarms Tips Sheet.