Thunderstorms & Lightning

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

We’ve seen them a lot lately… rain, thunder, and lightning.  Sometimes these storms can get pretty intense and cause damage to your home.  Every thunderstorm produces lightning, and lightning is one of the top three storm-related killers in the U.S.  Dangers of thunderstorms can include tornadoes, hail, floods, and strong winds, all of which can wreak havoc on your property.  Luckily, Swartz Contracting is here to get you back to normal while working with your through the entire recovery process.  Let’s review what suggests you should do to be prepared for thunderstorms:


  • Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.
  • Postpone any planned outdoor activities.
  • 30/30 Lightning Safety Rule: Go indoors if, after seeing lightning, you cannot count to 30 before hearing thunder. Also, stay indoors for 30 minutes after hearing the last clap of thunder.
  • If you are outdoors and not near a building, get into a vehicle, which is safer than being outdoors.
  • Close and shutter windows, close all doors, curtains, and blinds.
  • Try to unplug electronics before the storm arrives.


  • Use a battery-operated NOAA Weather Radio for updates.
  • Avoid using corded phones.
  • Avoid electrical equipment and cords (unplugging them will help prevent damage from power surges).
  • Avoid contact with plumbing and stay away from windows and doors (definitely off porches).
  • Take shelter in a sturdy building.
  • Avoid contact with metal.
  • If driving in heavy rain, pull over until heavy rain ends.


  • If lightning strikes you or someone around you, call 911.
    • If the person struck is not breathing, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
    • If the person’s heart has stopped, perform CPR.
    • If they have a pulse and are breathing, look for possible injuries
  • Never drive through flooded roadways.
  • Avoid storm-damaged areas.
  • Help people in need of assistance.
  • Listen for any instructions on your NOAA Weather Radio.

Storm damage can range from a tree falling on your home, a roof leak, or flood damage.  Swartz Contracting is a full-service restoration company that will stay on your project from start to finish, even helping to work with your insurance company.  To learn more, visit us at, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.