Twas the night before Christmas

‘Twas the Night before Christmas

Author: Chris Massie December 24, 2023

Swartz Restoration Edition

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
smoke was encircling and forcing out the mouse.

The flames that had started down there by the tree,
had spread up the walls and were threatening me.

I had plans to dream of all the good things
that this season is supposed to be mean.

The gifts were all wrapped and ready to go
with name tags and special paper, and even some bows.

Everyone on my list had been thoughtfully gifted,
but now with this disaster, my priorities had shifted.

It was time to get out, and bring everyone with me,
we ran to the door and looked one last time at the tree.

All of the ornaments from years gone by,
would only be memories that would make me cry.

We made it out safely, my family and the dog,
it was amazing how quickly we all awoke without a fog.

It felt like an eternity watching our house go up in flames,
feeling helpless and hopeless, but at least we were safe.

The firemen arrived and went straight to work,
extinguishing the flames and and pulling the hoses with a jerk.

As the flames disappeared and turned to a smoldering hiss,
I thought of all of the memories that we had and would miss.

Life would be different for no less than a year,
but where would we live? Would it be near?

The questions began coming, and my hope felt dim,
my brain started spiraling as reality set in.

Then a truck pulled up, with Swartz on its side,
the men got out and walked inside.

They saw the damage and did their job to protect
by boarding up the windows and doors and what was left.

They looked me in the eye, and they shook my hand
with a caring look like they could understand.

They had done this before, and they knew what to do,
I could ask them anything and get guidance too.

As the night came to a close,
more questions arose.

What would the morning bring? What would we do?
What is the first step in making things new?

I did not wait long as morning began,
for someone from Swartz called once again.

They helped and they guided us all the way through
the entire process of making our house new.

I never imagined that night with the fire
that I would be glad for the team we would hire.

They became friends who carried us through
the most horrific adventure our family would do.

Yet it wasn’t as bad as it could have been
if it wasn’t for the team who stepped in.

Thank you to Swartz for all you have done,
my family is grateful and we had some fun.

I’m thankful for meeting you on that fateful night,
Merry Christmas to all at Swartz, and good night.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Swartz Restoration!