Understanding the Smells of Water Damage

Understanding the Smells of Water Damage

Author: Chris Massie December 8, 2023

The Unseen Issues

Water damage can cause a variety of issues in a home or a business. Some of those issues are easily seen, like the swelling of the structure or furniture as water saturates them; but other issues are not easily seen. They are observed with a different sense: the sense of smell.

At Swartz Restoration, we understand that your home is more than simply a building. It is a space into which you bring guests as you create a fresh, inviting environment. The holidays often fill our homes with warming aromas of sweet and savory dishes.

Yet water damage can offend our scent-detectors (our noses), even if the water damage is unseen. You may have encountered these smells before.

Here are three common smells of water damage:

1 – Wet Dog Odor: This unique smell often arises from damp materials, like carpet, upholstery and sometimes drywall.

2 – Musty Basement Odor: Mold growth creates a musty smell if the water damage is not cleaned up completely.

3 – Rotten Egg Odor: When the water damage includes contaminated water, such as sewage backup, potentially harmful odors can arise from the area, resulting in the repulsive “rotten egg” smell.

The Science Behind Water Damage Odors

Understanding why water damage creates unpleasant smells is the first step toward removing them. When water infiltrates a space, it creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. These microorganisms release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contributing to those distinct (and often unpleasant) odors as a result of water damage.

We Care for Your Air

If we are able to dry out your home, it removes the possibility of mold growth. Whenever we are called to help with water damage, we will not leave until the area is completely dry. That’s our promise.

To achieve that goal, we have the equipment to make it easier to dry out your home, clean the air of those VOCs, and remove the smelly odors that make your home feel uninviting.

A Fresh Start for your Home

At Swartz Restoration, our commitment is to you. We work to restore the quality of living to your space again. That includes drying out the water damaged area and also scrubbing the air in your home so that you and your family can breathe easy once again.

When we smell that “wet dog” scent, it’s a signal that the dog needs cleaned, right? The same goes for your home. If you smell “wet dog” (and especially if you don’t even have a dog!), then it means there is an unseen water damage issue.

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