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Water Damage Wapak, Ohio

Author: swartzcontracting May 9, 2017

Swartz Contracting & Emergency Services was called out to a water damage situation in Wapak, Ohio. A pex fitting had came loose in the basement, and another pex fitting was leaking in the master bathroom.

Drying equipment was placed in the basement, master bathroom, and toy room. There was an old ornate wood floor that got wet, and was beginning to curl. Swartz installed the “Injectidry” system on the hardwood floor, and after three days of drying the floor was saved. The other affected areas were also dried out, without anything needing to be torn out.

If you are in Wapak, Ohio and have water damage to your hardwood floors, basement, or master bathroom call Swartz at 419-331-1024!