Water Mitigation Process

Author: swartzcontracting December 11, 2017

A water loss is extremely stressful. We try to take as much stress off our customers as possible. During the water loss, we will work with your adjuster and all insurance paperwork that were made for claims. We will file directly to the adjuster and the customers. We try to make the process carefree for our customers.

During a water loss, have you thought to yourself ‘What is the water mitigation process?’ This is a step by step guide of  Swartz’s water mitigation process.


The Call

Once the water loss has been reported to Swartz Contracting, we put their information into our system and the water department is notified of the new water loss. The water department’s typical response time to calling the client to confirm a time is 15 minutes. If there are a lot of water calls placed because of inclement weather, response time may be longer. After contacting the client, we like to be on site within an hour, no more than 2 hours.


Once we have arrived at the job, we greet the client(s) and walk through the loss with them. Once the walkthrough is finished, our technicians will explain what they are going to do to mitigate the water and review any questions the client(s) have.  Before work can begin, our technicians will have the client(s) sign the Work Authorization. The work authorization gives Swartz Contracting permission to start working in their home. After the Work Authorization is signed, we can start working on your home.

We start with moving content such as furniture, carpet and padding, boxed goods, etc. If there is no content that needs to be moved, we start the mitigation process immediately. Also, we remove water-damaged drywall depending on what type of water caused the damage to the client’s home. For example, if the water was caused from a sump pump or supply line, we don’t have to remove the damaged drywall. If the damage was caused from sewage or groundwater, the drywall must be cut out and removed. If structure repairs are needed, a technician will talk with the operations manager and set up a job with a sales estimator, so that the repair process is started seamlessly.

Mitigation Process

We get rid of the excess water in the client’s home. After the water is removed, we will remove affected materials in the home and set up drying equipment to dry the affected area. Typically, dry outs take 3 days, but this depends on the building material, how long water sat, and how much water. Drywall usually takes 3 days to dry, while plaster takes 5-7 days. After drying equipment is set, we explain to the client(s) what we did and let them know we want to monitor the dry out each day until the equipment is pulled. For us to monitor the dry out, we schedule a time that works best with the client’s schedule. We will come out and check the equipment to see if the building materials and affected area are properly drying.

Once the area is fully dried out, we pull the equipment from the client’s home and the area is cleaned up depending on the situation. If there needs to be a structure job added, the area will be kept as is. Structural damage that needs to be fixed, we clean the area thoroughly. If your home has experienced any water damage, give us a call!