Weathering Summer Storms

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are capable of causing complete destruction or at the very least ruin your day.  Many times these storms are spotted by radar, giving communities a chance to be warned, but other times there isn’t much warning.  This is why it is best to be prepared for such storms in advance in case you are without power for days or if your home has sustained damage.  Here are some tips and advice to be more prepared to weather a storm this summer.  Remember:  When disaster strikes, we’re here to get your property back to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible!

  • Keep a land line phone handy (not cordless), because it does not require electricity to operate.  Cell phones are good too, but if service fails, you may need to rely on a land line.
  • Buy a car charger for important devices like your cell phone.  If the power is out for a while, this will help you continue to communicate with others.
  • Keep plenty of nonperishable food items and bottled water stocked.
  • Have a home or business storm safety route and plan so everyone knows where to meet when a storm is approaching.
  • Close blinds or window coverings when a storm approaches.
  • Keep a NOAA radio handy to stay updated on any weather alerts.
  • Keep a few close friends or family members in mind to contact in case you need a place to stay if your home or community sustained significant damage and it is not safe.
  • Consider purchasing a generator for back-up when the power is out.
  • Assemble a disaster supply kit.


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Paul Swartz, President