Your Company’s Online Presence

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

First impressions are everything, but if don’t ever give someone the opportunity to meet you, then they will never have any impression of you or your company at all.

More than ever, the internet is becoming the new way to meet friends, find jobs, and to do shopping. People search the internet for everything from ways to fix a leaky faucet, to what’s the best insurance coverage. The internet is one comprehensive place, where people can cut most of the leg work and running out, and feel safe in their homes.

Having an online presence for your business is essential. It is like presenting your business door to door at the click of a button.

How can you meet potentially new policyholders and customers if they are more prone to surf the web, then come into your office?

According to, almost 77% of North Americans use the internet! That’s almost 300 million people who are looking all over the internet for different service providers. Why shouldn’t you get their business?

According to, there are 500 million users on Facebook, who spend a total of 700 billion minutes each month on it!, says that Twitter has about 74 million visitors to their site each day.

Look into getting social media for your company. Social media helps customers and potential customers to get to know you better. It is also a more personal way to contact policyholders then say email.

Your online presence may seem or feel distant, but it just may turn into real life interaction with customers.

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