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Do You Have the Right Fire Safety Equipment?

Author: CCG Dev May 28, 2015

I don’t think anyone is really ever prepared for a fire. I mean afterall, we as humans think we are exempt from any natural disaster because things like that happen to other people. In reality, disasters can happen to anyone at anytime. You always want to make sure you are prepared and equipped for whatever disaster may occur. Fires happen to thousands of homes every year, and most homes do not have the right safety equipment or know how to properly use it when disaster strikes.

If you currently do not have a fire extinguisher or one that works properly, it is recommended that you have one in case of emergency. Use of a fire extinguisher is recommended when the fire is contained to a small area and is not spreading, when there is no smoke, when everyone has exited the home and the fire department has been called. It is always important to read the instructions ahead of time to make sure the extinguisher is used properly. As always, a fire escape plan is always recommended in case of an emergency, so there is a safe point for everyone to meet.

Also, another available precaution you can take is purchasing fire sprinklers for your home or business. The automatic sprinklers are highly recommended and effective in the home since that is where most fire related deaths occur. Most homeowners are not even aware that the fire sprinklers are able to be purchased for homes. The automatic sprinklers can control fires and sometimes put them out before the fire department arrives on the scene. The NFPA estimates that the average property loss is reduced by 70% of those homes that have automatic fire sprinklers installed.

The most common precaution taken for house fires is the smoke alarm. Smoke alarms can save lives if they are in proper working condition. Most people think they can just put their smoke alarms up and forget about them, but they are wrong. Smoke alarms need to be replaced every ten years, and they need to be tested every month in order to make sure they are working properly. Also, make sure smoke alarms are installed every bedroom, outside every bedroom, and every level of the home. The NFPA has stated that smoke alarms can help save lives but only if you have taken the recommended precautions and the smoke alarms are installed correctly.

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