Gratitude in Restoration

Gratitude in Restoration

Author: Chris Massie November 24, 2023

As the holiday season unfolds and families gather to express gratitude, we at Swartz Restoration are taking a moment to reflect on the immense gratitude we feel for the opportunity to serve our customers and community. This Thanksgiving, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you—for allowing us to be a part of your lives, for entrusting us with your homes, and for giving us the chance to make a positive impact during challenging times.

A Season of Thanks

Thanksgiving is the season that everyone stops to reflect on what they are grateful for. We do the same. Everyday, we witness the strength and resilience of our customers who are facing the unexpected challenge of damage to their home or business. They did not plan for the water to damage the floors and walls. They did not expect a fire to burn a hole in the ceiling. They did not see the frustrations of having to restore their home during the holidays.

Because our customers face these challenges, we are fueled to give our best in service to them. You hear us say that We Care a lot, because we genuinely care for our customers as they face these unexpected challenges. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve them as we dryout their home or cleanup after storm damage or rebuild after a fire.

Thank You for Trusting Us

Letting someone else into your home, even to help clean it up and restore it, takes trust in who they are. We value your trust. We appreciate your trust in our team to help make things right again in your home. Your home is your private sanctuary space that you spend time in every single day and night. To bring someone into it can be a bit vulnerable, so we are grateful that you trust us to help.

Community Matters

We are proud to serve our of Lima, Ohio, and we are proud to serve Lima and its surrounding communities. We are thankful for the individual relationships and the business relationships we have built over the past 35+ years. As we reach out of our own community into other communities, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve new faces.

Caring Beyond Restoration

While our job is to dryout, cleanup and rebuild your home or business, our mission extends beyond swinging hammers and rolling paint on the walls. We Care about you and your family and how this restoration process goes. We know it’s not easy to go through an emergency in your home. It can cause a lot of questions and bring up so many questions you had never thought to answer before. That’s where we come in. We are here to help and to guide you through this whole process. While it may be a period of transition between what-once-was and what-will-be, we will help the transition period go as smoothly as possible.

Looking Forward with Gratitude

We look forward to many more interactions in which we can serve and take care of your needs. We look forward to the next phone call as someone requires our help and assistance. We look forward to greater impact through these skills we continue to sharpen each day. We look forward to another smiling face as we complete another restoration project.

As we pause in gratitude this season of Thanksgiving, we say Thanks to our customers, our vendors, and our entire crew for allowing us the honor to serve in the capacity we do. Thank you, customers, for allowing us to put your home and a part of your life back together. Thank you, vendors, for supplying us with the tools and materials to serve our community well. Thank you, crew, for your hard work and dedication to details as we serve those in an emergency.

Thank you, everyone, for being an essential part of the Swartz Restoration family and community!