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Pump-out vs. Water Extraction

Author: Chris Massie April 4, 2023

Maybe you did everything the experts recommend to prevent water damage from touching your home. Yet you discover water in your basement or part of your home.
Water can show up for a variety of reasons.

Similarly, there can be a variety of methods to remove the water from your home to begin the drying process.
There are two main methods to remove water from your home. The first is called a Pump-Out, and the second is called Water Extraction.


Pump-Out Method

The Pump-Out method is most effective for large amounts of standing water, because it involves using a submersible pump to remove standing water from the lowest point of the basement.

Most homes with basements utilize one of these, and it is called a sump pump. The sump is an area, or a hole, in the basement floor that intentionally collects excess drain water from outside the home. A pump is placed in the sump area to move that excess water outside the home and away from the foundation. However, the sump pump may fail because of a power outage or blockage, resulting in an overflowing sump area.  When this happens, another pump is used to “pump out” the water. The water is pumped outside or into a drain.


Water Extraction Method

Water extraction, on the other hand, involves using an extractor to remove water from the surface of the basement floor, carpets, or other absorbent surfaces. This method is most effective for smaller amounts of water and is commonly used to remove the excess water in the material to lessen the damage and prevent microbial growth. The water is extracted from the flooring so that it can fully dry out.


Swartz’s Methods

water extraction

Here are Swartz Restoration, we specialize in the Water Extraction method.
We are equipped with the tools to extract excessive water from your basement floors, once the issue that caused the water damage has been repaired.

Our team has been trained to properly extract the water from your home, collecting it in our vehicle and disposing of it off-site.

How much water can we extract from your home?
Answer: as much as is needed to get your home dried out so the cleanup and repair process can begin.
We extracted over 600 gallons of water from one home owner’s basement!


What Happens after the Extraction?

Once the Water Extraction is complete, we continue the dry-out process with our high-speed fans and industrial-grade dehumidifiers.

We do not leave a home until it is properly dried out!
We will show you all of the stats and results from our equipment and meter readings.

We feel better knowing we are leaving your home completely dry.

When needed, we can steam-clean your carpets so that you have a fresh home after we leave.

Sometimes the water damage requires repairs, which we are equipped to handle as well.


When you find water in your basement, give us a call.

We will help you Dry Out, Clean Up and Repair the water damage.