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Why You Need to Know HOW to Turn Off Your Water

Author: Chris Massie May 3, 2024

Water damage in your home or your business can make your world stop!
We get it!
We see it every week.

We specialize in helping you Dryout, Cleanup and Rebuild from water damage.
It’s what we do every day.
And…we are really good at it!

So when you discover water damage, you know who to call: Swartz Restoration.

But what can you do when you discover water damage in your home or your business?

How do you stop the water from causing more damage when it affects your home or business?

I mean, what CAN you do before you call us to help start the Dryout Process?

First, Can you identify where the water damage is coming from?

Is the water coming from a leaking pipe?
Maybe the pipe froze, and now it’s leaking because the pipe has a crack in it.

Is the water coming from your sump pump?
Sometimes debris gets into the sump pump area, preventing the sump pump from functioning correctly.
Or the power goes out, not allowing the pump to do its job of removing water from your building.
Sometimes they just wear out over time, and they need replaced.

Second, now that you have identified where it’s coming from, Can you stop it?

If the water damage is coming from a water line, You can shut off the water.

Why would that be important?

Well, when the water is no longer flowing through the pipe–you know, the pipe that now has a crack in it–the water will not leak into your home.

How do you do that?

Well, you need to know WHERE the shut off valve is for the water.
It’s called the Main Water Shut Off Valve, because it’s the main water line that feeds your house.

For those connected to city water, it’s most often at the part of your home where the city water line connects to your home.
Simply turning the valve off shuts off all water inside your home.

For those who have well water, it’s most often near your well pump, either in your basement or your utility room.
Simply turning the valve off stops the flow of water.

There may be some built up pressure in the water lines, but once the main water valve has been shut off, no new water will flow through the water lines.
Now that the water is no longer causing more damage, we will be able to start the Dryout Process.

If you would like to know how we can help you stay a step ahead by knowing where to turn off the water in your home or business, go here.
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