The Most Common Places for Mold Growth in Your Home

The Most Common Places for Mold Growth in Your Home

Author: swartzcontracting October 28, 2016

Discovering mold your home can be a jarring experience. It’s easy to go through a wide range of emotions from disgust to being fearful that your health may be at risk because of mold exposure. So where in your home will you likely find mold? Here are the most common places for mold growth in your home that you should be aware of:


There are several potential reasons why mold will start growing in an attic. One reason mold will start to grow in an attic is due to poor ventilation. Think of all the things running air through the attic; your dryer vent, plumbing vents, bathroom vents, kitchen vents. If the air from all these vents can’t properly get out, it will build up creating moisture. The combination of moisture and the heat in the attic is the perfect conditions for mold growth.

Other reasons for mold in the attic could be improper insulation installation (which can end up creating a moisture barrier) and a roof leak. Make a habit to regularly check your attic and roof for wet spots and damage.


There is obviously an abundance of water and steam in the bathroom creating a humid environment. Because bathrooms are typically not well ventilated, the humidity will tend to stick around in there. This may interfere with the bathroom from ever properly drying out. This environment is very inviting for mold to come in and begin growing.

Our suggestions to help prevent this from happening is to keep your vented fan running while in the shower and for at least 10 minutes after. If you have a window in the bathroom, keep it cracked to allow fresh air in to help speed up the drying process.


Because basements and crawl spaces are below ground, it’s not uncommon for them to have a higher relative humid level due to dampness and lack of air circulation and ventilation. It’s truly the perfect breeding ground for mold.


Front-load washers are wonderful when it comes to efficiency, however, when it comes to odors and mold they are the worst. To keep ahead of the issues, keep the door open after every load so the machine can dry out between washes and regularly clean your machine.


Windows often don’t get a lot of airflow because they are hidden behind curtains and blinds(unless the window is open), making it easy for condensation, dust, and dirt to collect. As we know now, this is a perfect opportunity for mold to land and make a home. To avoid this from happening, be sure to clean your windows and draw back the shades.

If you suspect mold growth anywhere in your home, be diligent to take a closer look. Don’t just examine the surface; peel back carpet, take off baseboards, to really look everywhere for potential mold. If you are in need of help, please call the certified professionals at Swartz Contracting to help you with mold remediation in your home.