Mold Help: What is it and why is it so bad?

Author: swartzcontracting October 14, 2016

Mold is silent, ugly, and can be detrimental to your health if found in your home and left untreated. Often times, without even realizing, you can have mold growing in the padding of your carpet or under a sink, polluting the air you breathe. So what exactly is mold, how does it form and why is it so bad?

What is mold?

There are tens of thousands of different forms of molds which are spore-producing fungi. Tiny mold spores are naturally all around us in the air. Its main purpose is to attach to organic material, such as plants or animals, and break it down. Once the tiny spores find the perfect conditions to grow in, which is a warm and humid environment, it will then spread, multiply and grow as long as the conditions remain right.

How can mold affect your health?

It should go without saying, that mold in your home can be very harmful to your health. The effects of mold on your health will vary from person to person; based on health condition prior to exposure and sensitivity to mold (some being more sensitive than others). Health conditions that can result from mold exposure are:

  • Upper respiratory tract issues
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Eye irritation
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Skin irritation
  • Inflammation

For more information on the health risks and conditions from mold, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Where is mold most likely to grow in your home?

Mold is truly a part of our everyday lives and is nearly impossible to avoid. However, there are molds that you absolutely should avoid. That being, the mold growing in your home because of environmental conditions. Mold will more than likely grow in your home if you have any amount of water damage such as a leaky plumbing or roof, a damp basement or standing water left unattended too. Other areas to keep an eye on are the bathrooms and kitchen, any place that may build up condensation such as windows or A/C units, wet clothes sitting long periods of time and any areas with poor ventilation.

The key to limiting your exposure and risk of mold growth is to be sure your home is not conducive to mold growth. That means creating an environment that is low in humidity; controlling any moisture in the home and any potential water problem areas. Remember, that mold spores are everywhere just looking for a place to land so it can grow and multiply.


If you find mold growing in your home, it’s important that you act fast in removing it and correct the environmental conditions to prevent further growth. If you are in need of help in Northwest, Ohio, please call the certified professionals at Swartz Contracting to help you with mold remediation in your home.