Continuing Education Insurance Professionals

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The more you know, the better you can serve your clients

It’s important to stay up to date on current insurance practices and terms. Not only is it required, but continuing education is critical so you know what’s happening in your industry. Terms and trends change quickly and new information is always being brought to light. When you make an effort to continue your education training, you’ll remain an expert in your field.

Your clients expect you to know the information they need when faced with an emergency. They need to make the best decision for their family and they trust you to give it to them.

At Swartz Contracting and Emergency Services, we’re experts in our field. With more than 25 years of experience, and a focus on current industry trends, we know how to restore homes and businesses to pre-loss conditions. We do this everyday and we know how things need to be handled. And we want to bring our passion to you, in the form of our continuing education classes.

We take great pride in providing cutting edge Continuing Education Classes to the Property and Casualty Insurance Agents in our service area. Education is a priority and we are fully accredited to teach continuing education classes.

Our classes will teach you about the claims your clients are going to make. We’ve explored topics like water damage, fire restoration, and wind damage and continue to offer dynamic class topics. You’ll learn techniques for various claims and how they are handled at Swartz, including what our process for restoration is and what current industry standards are. We’ll provide you with hands-on demonstrations and always strive to make our classes engaging. Find out what happens after damage is done and serve those who come to you for your expertise in the industry. The best part? All of our classes are free!

Here are some comments from attendees after our most recent class:

“Class was upbeat and interesting.”
“Thank you for offering these sessions! Appreciate all of the time and effort you and your crew put into this. Learned a lot and enjoyed the demonstrations.”
“I felt the entire class was very informative and very well done.”
“The demonstrations were fantastic. It was a nice change of pace. Enjoyed it.”
“The CE Classes that Swartz offers are always fantastic!! Look forward to the next one!”
“My first CE Class was very impressed!”
“Swartz Contracting continues to provide the best CE Classes I’ve been to.”

Email us to find out the date of our next class