The Escalation of Water Damage (Lima, Ohio)

Author: swartzcontracting August 9, 2016

No matter how big or small, any amount of water left unattended to is going to cause problems. Whether it’s a leaky appliance or rainwater that has found its way in through the roof, the longer you wait to address the water damage, the worse off the impact is going to be to your property and more seriously, your health.

Water damage can spread from one surface to another, escalating quickly and affected more areas. For that reason alone, your reaction time to properly clean and begin the drying process of  the affected water damaged areas cannot be understated. Here’s what can happen if water damage is left to fester:

-Within minutes of water penetrating an area, the spread onto other surfaces begins; spreading stains, discoloration and swelling of materials.

-After hours of standing water, a musty odor will be noticed, drywall will begin to absorb water, wood will begin to split and a clean water situation will become a gray water situation.

-After 48 hours, fungi, mold, and other microorganisms begin to grow, the structural soundness starts to become compromised, indoor air quality will become hazardous and occupants who have health issues will begin to feel the effects.

-After weeks, gray water will become black water, mold will completely take over surfaces, the structure will be seriously compromised (potentially beyond repair), and indoor air quality will become toxic and uninhabitable.

To avoid water damage turning into a rapid escalation, reaction time to removing water is key. Here are immediate steps that should be taken upon first notice of water damage:

-Stop the water from coming in and fix the source of the problem.

-Remove visible standing water, using pumps, and water extractors.

-Begin air circulation with high powered fans to completely dry the area.

-Run a dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture and humidity in the air.

-Disinfect all the affected areas to prevent fungi and mold growth.

In most cases, people will not have the skills and equipment needed to properly attack water damage. A professional in water mitigation and restoration should be called in to ensure that the job is done right. Water damage is not something that should be taken lightly and should be handled with care and responsibility.

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