More Solar in Ohio

Author: CCG Dev March 13, 2014

As of this date, Ohio has about 12 megawatts of solar power, but that number will increase before to long.

The largest solar panel array in the Midwest will be located near Zanesville, and will produce 49.9 megawatts of power. AEP announced that they are looking to buy power from the project, which is estimated to be completed in 2015. Isofoton, a solar panel manufacturer from Spain, will be setting up a plant near Toledo to produce the panels needed for this project.

Isofoton will manufacture around 250,000 solar panels for this project. The power generated from these solar panels will be equivalent to the electricity needed for 25,000 homes.

After the project is completed, Ohio will join the list of top solar powered states. California, Nevada, and Florida lead the way, but Ohio is well on it’s way to find alternative energy sources.

Permanent and temporary jobs will be created from the construction of the array and Isofotons plant, as well as jobs for the manufacturing plant.

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