Water Damage Prevention: Get Smart

Water Damage Prevention: Get Smart

Author: Chris Massie June 7, 2024

This is our final article in the Water Damage Prevention Series.
We know that Water Damage is not a fun experience, because we see it happen every single week.

Yet when water damage does happen, we specialize in making it a smooth experience by walking with you throughout the Dryout, Cleanup and Rebuild phases.

That means you can trust us, because We Care about how the restoration process goes.

However, we hope you never suffer from water damage ever, at home or at your business.
As the ancients have said, “Prevention is the best medicine.”
The same is true for water damage situations.
Even though our team is really good at the restoration part of our job, preventing it from happening is much better for you, your family, and your home or business.

Smart Home Technology

Technology has helped make some things remarkably easier.
You have probably heard in the business world of how people are trying to “automate” their systems to help scale their profits.
When we bring that philosophy to our homes for our water damage prevention tips, we can benefit just as much!

Here are some ways to use technology in water damage prevention.

Automate Reminders

We talked recently about scheduling routine maintenance for inspecting your appliances as a way to prevent water damage from happening.
Automate this by setting a reminder in your Google calendar.
Let it pop up every 3 months to remind you to do it.

Now you don’t have to worry about spending the mental energy to remember when it’s supposed to get done.
Just wait for the reminder, and then do the inspection at that time.

Water Sensors

You could purchase an electronic sensor that detects high levels of moisture in your home.
The sensor is placed in an area that would have a high risk of water damage or leaks, and when it detects moisture, it sounds an alarm.
Then you spring into action to turn off the water and prevent any further damage from occurring.

Automatic Shut Off

There are also systems to turn off your main water supply when it detects water or high levels of moisture in specific areas of the home.
Essentially, these are the water sensors taken to a whole new level.
There are multiple varieties of these systems, but basically you place a sensor somewhere you anticipate water damage occurring.
Maybe it’s under a cabinet, next to a toilet, or in the basement.
It’s connected wirelessly to a monitor that controls the main shut off valve for the whole house.
Whenever one of those sensors detects water or an increased level of moisture in the air, it will turn off the water supply for the home, therefore stopping any more water from rushing in and damaging that area of the home.

These systems can be expensive, and it will take a bit of monitoring and learning as you set it up.
But it would be worth the investment in prevention if it kicked into action while you were away on vacation, wouldn’t it?

Think Smarter

The best asset in your home for water damage prevention is YOU.
You are smart, wise and intelligent, no matter what your older brother says!

The simplest way for you to prevent water damage from occurring in your home is to be prepared.
You can set your family up for success by labeling your main water shut off valve with one of our Main Water Shut Off Valve Tags.
You can find them here.

In the case of an emergency, you can tell anyone in your home to look for the tag.
It will save you the time of describing just which valve it is they need to shut off.

When it comes to water damage prevention in your home, be smart about it.
Use the tools and technology available to you, but most of all, use your own brain.

Here is a list of questions to help you proactively prevent water damage in your home.

  1. Where is water damage most likely to occur?
  2. Where has water damage happened before?
  3. What can you do to prevent water damage from happening again?
  4. What can you do to stop future water damage from creating worse damage?

Answer these questions, and you will be prepared to prevent water damage in your home.

While our hope is that you never experience water damage at all, if you suffer from water damage in your home or business, give us a call at 419-331-1024.

We will help you Dryout, Cleanup and Rebuild.