water leaking from sink

How Small Leaks can turn into Big Problems

Author: CCG Dev September 14, 2015

A small leak in the bathroom or some drippy plumbing under the sink. It doesn’t seem like a big deal at the moment or even something that should concern you right away.

After all, you can just fix it tomorrow, right? I mean, that’s probably what’s going through your head the first few times you notice a leak or hear a drip.

But it turns out, waiting to fix small leaks is a problem that could do you and your home some serious harm in the future.

The truth is, even small leaks can lead to major problems that will require more of your attention and, credit card, in the future.

So if you’re considering putting off a small leaky situation, here a few reasons you shouldn’t:


Leaky pipes cause damage to furniture, personal possessions and parts of the home where the water pools. Fixing these can be quite costly. As the leak gets worse, it can lead to significant water damage in the home and possibly even flooding if the problem gets bad enough.


Water leaks often lead to mold issues and mold is incredibly unhealthy to everyone in your home. Mold is a leading cause in respiratory illnesses and allergy issues. If you have put off repairing a leak but now you’re seeing mold, you absolutely shouldn’t wait to eliminate the source of the moisture or the mold. It should be treated immediately.


Nobody, we repeat, nobody wants mice, roaches and bugs in their homes. But guess what? Where there’s water damage, there’s going to be pests. Not only is it gross but it can also lead to a high allergen count in the home.


Anti-bacterial cleaning doesn’t even come close to fixing a water-damage situation. Bacteria breeds in moisture-rich areas.

Dust Mites:

Dust mites thrive in higher levels of humidity, so if your house is warm and there are moist areas, you’re likely to get these nasty little things. As the temperature drops or by using an air conditioner, you can help rid them. Of course, you can also prevent them by keeping your house dry.
The truth is, there aren’t really any “small” leaks. Any leak in the home is going to cause damage in some shape or form. Why not just fix the problem as soon as you notice it? The cost will be small and you’ll prevent other problems in the future. Not fixing the problem immediately could damage your health and your home in a major way.

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